Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Today is Brandons Birthday and Aiden's 8 month old birthday YAHH!! We will be celebrating by going to Asahi (my favorite hahaha) for supper. It will be Aiden's first experience at Asahi and I will def let you know how it goes!
It's amazing to me to see how much Aiden has grown over the past 8 months see for yourself:1 month old6 months oldone month old

Sporting mommy's shirt at 8 months old

14 lbs and 8 months later Aiden has gotten so big. I wanted to just brag a little and tell you some of the accomplishments Aiden has made in 8 months:

~He goes to sleep all by himself in his bed at 8pm and sleeps until 7am.

~He can pull up if he wants to.

~He can say Bye Bye, MaMa, DaDa, and wave Bye Bye.

~He is a pro eater and perfect holding the sippy cup and bottle.

~He knows how to hide things and keep for later use (example a cracker in his hand until bed or hiding his paci under his blanket for bed. Yes it's very funny!

~He knows my voice, Brandons, and my moms very well. He gets so excited in the mornings to come downstairs and see Daddy Jim with his paper. He also knows exactly who Ella (his cousin, that's in his day care class) is.

~Finally he crawls everywhere he wants to go and fast too especially when he sees ice cream- as the pictures show. NO he doesn't get it much at all.

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Scott and Jenn said...

Wow! So many accomplishments! Don't they grow up so fast?! So... what did you do to get him to fall asleep by himself?