Monday, September 22, 2008

It's about time.....

It's about time Aiden's teeth come on through.... WE HAVE OUR FIRST TOOTH!! Yes I am very very excited, now it broke my heart when at 10:00pm Aiden was still crying in pain. I had given him teething drops, teething tablets, cold rag, teethers...nothing worked. I hate orajel but I busted it out after an hour of intense crying and complete silence. I laid him in his bed and he is now peacefully asleep. If anyone has any other teething remedies please please tell me so I can avoid the numbing orajel.

It's about time we find a home.....WE ARE HOMEOWNERS. Well not quite yet the home is being built and the finish date should be around mid to end Oct. We were very excited to find a home being built that we could actually come in and pick our colors, counters, floors, cabinets, lighting, and all the other features in a home. We are very very excited and so thankful our prayers have been answered.

Finally It's about time I post new pics... I will get them up soon!

Many of you have asked- My brother is doing good!!! THANK YOU so much for your prayers so many people have asked about him and told me they are praying for him. I am so thankful for wonderful friendships!

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