Saturday, January 17, 2009

get well soon

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us this week. We are hoping everything will be ok with my job, but it's really a day by day thing. Aiden is a little better but still not "well". He's still not doing well eating, drinking much, or sleeping at night. We are dosing him up with meds and hoping to see improvement. He woke up yesterday morning and realized he had his voice back and immediately started screaming. Thank goodness for such great family- Aunt Kim brought him a stuffed puppy and ice cream that he has really enjoyed and Nonna brought him some yummy dumplins that I was surprised to see him gobble down, and my mom was able to take care of Aiden this week while I tried to work.
However Aiden was kind enough to pass his sickness on to me and so now Brandon has had to be our caregiver. Again thank you for great family, my mom and dad had to take care of Aiden and I both while Brandon was at work. We are now praying that Brandon doesn't get it and we continue to get well. Also 2 post ago I mentioned everything we had said Bye Bye to.... they have all (except the foward car seat) made their way back into Aiden's schedule since being sick. We also had plans of breaking him from the paci before his first birthday....hahaha, try taking a paci away from a sick child!!!
On that note for those of you counting:
1 week til the big day!!!


Laura Jo said...

I hope you all get well before Aiden's big day. Being sick at the same time stinks. Praying for healthy birthday for EVERYONE!

Scott and Jenn said...

Hope everyone gets better very, very soon!

Mariellen Cherry Rigby :o) said...

what did yall have???