Tuesday, January 20, 2009

4 days

I wish I had pics to post but I don't!
I was reading last night in Aiden's growth book that at 12-18 months children should start walking on there own, bending over to pick things up, pointing to things they want.... I was shocked to think Aiden has been doing all of that for awhile! One thing that really stuck out in my head was the book said to start working on body parts, colors, and numbers and you may not immediately see results. We have always used colors, numbers, body parts, shapes, directions, and specific names when talking to Aiden and just HOPED it would eventually pay off.
This week we have been working on "NOSE". I will point to my nose, his nose, and daddies nose and everytime I do Aiden stares at me with a blank stare. I realized last night Aiden thinks I am saying Aiden NO.....therefore we have moved on to EARS! :)
A few other interesting things-
While Aiden was sick all he would eat was ice cream last night Brandon said "Aiden you want some ice cream".... Aiden ran to the freezer and started banging on the door.
Finally yesterday the phone was on the table and Aiden wanted it so he came to me said 'Momma" and walked back to the table and pointed to the phone!
It's really amazed me how much he has started to pick up in the past few weeks. It makes me believe my efforts to teach my child will one day pay off! :)


Scott and Jenn said...

We have always "read ahead" in those books as well! It's amazing how fast they catch on to things! You can tell already that he is so smart (obviously if he already knows where the ice cream is stored)!

Laura Jo said...

As long as he knows where the ice cream is kept, there's nothing else to worry about! Ha! That is funny and so smart! Can't believe he is almost 1!!!