Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas (a little behind):

After all the illness everyone was well and able to enjoy Christmas. We had many different Christmas functions and of course on Christmas day I forgot my camera but here are some we captured throughout the holidays:
His first present to open on Christmas Eve

Santa brought a living center and he loves it

Playing with Ella (somehow she is the only cousin we got pictures with)

Brian, Carolyn, and Ella Christmas day- Ella was really excited

My fam on Christmas Day
My grandmom, Mom, Ella, and Aiden
Attack!! She does fight back though! Aiden is excited about ChristmasHe got his big boy car seat (and we turned him around already SHH!!)On New Years we decided to let Aiden visit all his friends. We went to see Will (1 of my best friend Ashley's lil man) and Brody(1 of Brandons best friends lil man). However for some reason we got no pics with Brody! :(
Aiden and Will

Will Awake!

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