Sunday, January 25, 2009

1st birthday

What I have thought about for 1 full year has now come and gone- Aiden's 1st birthday party!!! I always have made the biggest deal out of birthday's so I knew I would go all out for Aiden's 1st birthday party! We had a great day and Aiden acted wonderful for his party in the morning. He napped ALL afternoon. Last night he loved eating 2 pieces of pizza and watching the Miss America pageant (Aiden didn't like all the yellin from the ladies)!! I had 102 pictures from yesterday so I'm having a hard time picking which ones to post! Might be easier to check out my facebook and see them all but here are some from the wonderful day!! THANKS to everyone who made yesterday sooo special and I know when he turns 18 he will love seeing what everyone had to say to him and your thoughts for his future profession (minister, engineer, teacher, doctor, nurse, welder, crime boss....hahaha). OHH I was very shocked Aiden would not dig in on his cake, he picked at it, and then did not want to get messy. He really did not like the icing only the cake part. He only sat in his chair about 2 minutes!!!!
before the party
table centerpieces and cards for his memory box
memory table from Aiden's 1st year

outfit for the party
"Mom I'm sleepy can we go home"- before the party even began

yummy cake
Aiden's cake

"digging" in

"mom I don't like this stuff"

" i'm not touching this mom"
"i'm too sleepy to eat"
i had to cut the cake for him to have the cake and not just icing

" ohh wait i love this cake"

why is everyone watching me???

now Brandon will get his shed to store all these presents from Christmas and Birthday!
stop with the pics

new huge chair from Gram


he really likes the bounce and spin pony

THE best present I have ever gotten- AIDEN!!!


Laura Jo said...

I am definitely showing Jason these pics so he won't think I am the only one to go all out for the first birthday party! So fun! Looks like everyone had a great time! Now start planning for the

Jan said...

I am totally stealing the idea of the memory box...Love It! I also really like the picture of the three of you all, very cute!

Mariellen Cherry Rigby :o) said...

You did an awesome job!! I think he will be a football player. I can't believe he is just now one. You have done a great job because he is alot more advanced than most children his age. That's the therapist coming out of me.