Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I didn't lie

When I said I love shoes I didn't lie, but I LOVE bargains even more. Even you have kids you know they can not stay in shoes long so I really hate to spend a lot of money on them. Almost all of Aidens shoes are bought from consignment sales, thrift sales, or on sale in the store. Like I said most kids don't wear shoes long so they all almost look new (the ones that don't look nice become play shoes and I will never pay more than 1.00). Here is a glimpse of the shoes Aiden got these past weekends at the thrift/consignment sales (25 pairs):
I don't just buy 1 size. I buy all sizes and put them away until he can wear them.

I didn't mean to buy quite so many pairs of shoes that looked alike. They are all different sizes though.

All the name brand shoes I got. The most I paid for any pair of shoes was 15.00 and that was the Sperry's (that normally cost 50.00). The next highest was 7.00 for the cowboy boots. Everything else was 5.00 or less.
I forgot to include these 5 pair in the big picture...each pair was 1.00!

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Tiffany said...

hey! shoes are adorable...im addicted to don't worry! I was gonna tell ya...yes we LOVE our monopoly. It was a little confusing at first but then we started enjoying it because you didnt have to worry about losing the money all over the place and such. It is fun...yea we are college kids that enjoy monopoly!! HAVE FUN!!!