Monday, October 12, 2009

on the road again...

Tomorrow we will be doing just that...on the road again. This time headed to Gatlinburg for my families vacation. Us, my parents and brothers families will all be staying in 1 cabin for a whole week. 5 kids under the age of 3, prayers please? Just kidding! We are all so excited and anticipating lots of shopping, relaxing, golfing (the boys that is), eating, and a few challenging games of wii bowling! Many new pics coming next week.

For more exciting news..... I WILL BE AN AUNT again! My oldest brother and his wife are expecting their 4th child. The currently have 3 boys ages 3, 2, and 1. They are definitely parents fit for that job. You may remember when my sister in law had my other nephew and the story behind their pregnancy but if not read it from my Oct. 7, 2008 post labeled Miracle Child.

(anyone want to tell me how to do the link so someone can just click on the word "here" and it will go to that page?)


Scott and Jenn said...

So exciting! Please tell Lindz that I said Congratulations! Have fun on your trip!

Jessica said...

That's going to be an exciting trip! I love Gatlinburg in the fall. I know y'all will have fun.

Oh & to answer your question about how to link pages...just highlight the word(s) in your post that you want to be able to click on to take you there, then up by the text color & spell check there is a button that looks like a world with a chain around it, click on it & then enter the web address for whatever you are trying to link to. And then you are done! :)