Monday, October 19, 2009


This week we took a much needed vacation to Pigeon Forge. We had so much fun despite the rainy cold weather. The boys still golfed and I still shopped. Aiden loved spending so much time with his cousins and I loved being with my newphews and niece. Enjoy all the pics:
Brandon and I riding the roller coaster that I got sick on!

Rock Climbing for the 1st time- I am NO good at this!

Brandon Rock Climbing- he was a lot better than me!

I couldn't even get off the ground!

My big brother- it took him like 20 sec. to get to the top!

Laying on a bed of nails- it didn't hurt too bad either!

Riding motorcycles
aquarium with everyone

telling Sawyer about the fish
Quinton redirecting Aiden
up close and personal with a shark
and crab
and jellyfish
brotherly love
Sweet Aiden

my brother's family ( I didn't get a pic of my other brothers fam)
mom and dad

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Lyr said...

Looks like all of you had such a great time! I'm trying so hard to catch up with everyone's blog and somehow have missed a bunch of your posts! Ah!!! Love the pictures girl!