Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pacifier Freedom Day 1

So after very little thought and consideration Brandon and I decided we are sick of our sweet, perfect, handsome boy having a paci. After all what is so cute about a 2 year (soon to be) removing his paci in public in order to eat or talk. Aiden's paci is literally his best friend, he wants to have it all the time.
Therefore after reading many articles online I decided the best way to get rid of the pacifier is to snip the tip off and still let him keep it, in hopes that the soothing effect the paci gives him will soon wear off. So on a whim last night I decided tonight is the night and I snipped the tip off. I handed Aiden his "dis" (he calls it dis because when he was a baby we would say "Aiden you want this" while handing him his paci and that name just stuck as "dis"). After flipping the dis many times (I guess flipping helps I don't know he does it alot) he handed it to me and said "mommy dis broke". Brandon and I proceeded to laugh hysterically, hiding the laughter from him of course, and said yes baby dis is broke just like your piano (which the batteries died on and we haven't replaced).
He never once cried or complained. However it did take him quite a while to fall asleep last night, 2 hours to be exact, but I never rushed him just let him calm down on his own and learn he doesn't have to have dis to calm down. He held it in his hand and eventually fell asleep. He did wake unusually early but actually left dis in his bed. I gave it to him as we left for school and he sucked on it very little on the way to school.
Brandon just informed me he napped at school today and never once asked for dis. When leaving school he did ask Brandon for dis, when Brandon gave it to him he said, "oh daddy dis broke" and handed it back to Brandon. We will see how the night goes tonight and prepare for an update tomorrow.

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Scott and Jenn said...

Good Luck! Wyatt only gets his when he sleeps. I dread the day we take it away!