Monday, December 7, 2009


"Mom do these things make me look smart""Even though I wear them upside down""Mom, this bear is really loud can you make it stop or do I just need to plug my ears?" "Now thats better" (He actually just ran to his room and got these and came back in the room like this)

"Look I can undress myself" "Goodness how do you do this so fast mom?"



Aiden and I after running the St. Jude 1/2 marathon As you can see the past few weeks we have been very busy. Aiden is just way to full of himself and learning all kinds of new things. He has picked up a new favorite phrase..."Oh my goodness". Thanksgiving was a great time spending with our families, eating, and shopping.
This Sat. I ran the St. Jude marathon with my brothers and cousin for the 4th year and it was absolutely incredible just like always. This year was by far the coldest weather and largest group I have ever ran with but this was also the first year we have ran through the St. Jude hospital. It was just as rewarding as all the other years to know as one sign read "children are alive because of you."

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Tiffany said...

girl im glad you can run that...i'd be falling apart by mile 1! haha! Aiden is so precious. He looks like he is a busy busy gettin into things! Hope ya'll have a great Christams!