Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pacifier freedom day 2

So night 1 without dis was actually fairly easy and like I said yesterday school went well without it also. However last night I really realized how much we used Aiden's pacifier as a crutch to pacify him. We went to eat last night and Aiden was fairly well until he was through eating and ready to go, before we were done of course, and the only thing I could do to keep him from making a scene was either get up and walk with him or make a bigger scene by spanking him. Usually I would give him his dis and he will sit until we are done and since he had NO desire to touch his dis the only option was to walk with him.
Going to sleep was in no way similar than Tues night and Aiden let the tears flow when he got in bed and wanted his original dis. Keep in mind I never took his dis I just tampered with it a little. He finally calmed down and went to sleep but not until he just became content with the broke dis and sucked himself to sleep. When he woke this morning he still had his dis in mouth and before leaving for school (and before getting his hair brushed of course) I snapped a pic. Looks like he is being content with the broke dis instead of getting rid of it. Everything I read said give them a week before they completely put the paci down for good so we are keeping our fingers crossed still.

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