Tuesday, January 26, 2010

thank you from Aiden

Thank to everyone who attended my party on Saturday night. I was so happy to see everyone and thank you for all the wonderful presents. My mommy told me she is sorry she was running around crazy and did not get to snap too many pictures for my scrapbooks. But I noticed she got a lot of help from Uncle B (mommys brother), Aunt Mel and Aunt Kim (daddys sisters), My Nonna and Pop, and My Gram. Wait most importantly my daddy Jim was late for my party cause he was "slaving over the grill" as my mommy said. My daddy Jim is so great, thank you for the yummy hot dogs (well everyone said they were yummy all I ate was cheetos and cake- mommy said I could cause its my birthday)!!!
I had a great birthday party and a great birthday on Sunday. My Gram cooked me lunch on Sunday and gave me more presents that mommy said I didnt need. I'm really confused with this birthday stuff though, is my birthday 1 day or all week? And why did my mommy get my baby photo album out and cry? I laughed at her but she just hugged me and said "I love you so much."

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