Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dad Update

Some of you have asked about my dad and what happened at Vanderbilt. Unfortunately they will not do the surgery we had hoped on my dad, they just feel it's too invasive of a surgery for his health. The doctor wants my dad to get up and moving, build some energy back, get some of his health problems under control, and they are scheduled to come back next week to look at some other possible options.
As weird and strange as it seems, 1 week since his appointment and I have seen a total difference in my dad. For days, months, years I've prayed my parents would have the desire and willingness to focus on their health, eat better, and exercise. I know one week is only a short time but I've seen them try VERY hard to eat better. My dad has gotten up and moving a lot more and his attitude seems different. Before my dad got this infection he was very active, happy, and talkative. I beginning to see that side of my dad again and as a daddy's little girl... I LOVE IT!! Please continue to pray for him and his health.
Dad I know you will read this, soo... I'm praying for you and love you VERY MUCH. I know very soon you will be well, back to work, and back to "mowing your grass". I continue to pray that you will have the motivation to eat better and exercise. I know you are going to have a "granddaddys girl" very soon that needs you healthy! :)

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