Wednesday, September 7, 2011

30-31 weeks

30 WEEK UPDATE Total Weight Gain: Not sure, go to the doctor Friday.

Movements: All the time, it's getting crazy that I think she is awake all day long.

Sleep: I wake up every 2-3 hours to go to the bathroom. :)

Cravings: Still sweet tea and don't crave sweets or ice cream at all which is so weird for me. However most everything I eat makes my stomach hurt or gives me indigestion.

Best Moment this Week: Brandon watching her move around. Getting her room cleaned up and clothes washed. Also unrelated to pregnancy, a great moment was spending lots and lots of time with my boys and FOOTBALL began.

What I look forward to most: Getting her bedding in, it should be here tomorrow.

Unrelated to pregnancy too:

Please pray for my dad, today he is going to Vanderbilt to see a surgeon (actually he should be meeting with him now) about closing an open wound. My dad got an infection in his leg in March, 6 months ago, and long story short it had to be opened up and now will not heal. My dad has had to remain pretty much off his leg the entire time. It's been extremely hard on him to sit all day long, don't get me wrong he seems to enjoy his TV and computer games, but I know he gets so tired of sitting. We miss him not being up and active with us. Please pray that the surgeon can do this surgery to close up this wound so he can begin healing.

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Lyryn said...

Look perfect... as always! :) Praying for your dad!!! Let us know how it goes!