Monday, September 26, 2011

Life Lately

So here's whats been going on my life:

  • My dad will have the first of a few surgeries at Vanderbilt this Wed.

  • My hubby started a new job last Monday.

  • We changed insurance which means starting a deductible all over for the remainder of the year. We had AWESOME insurance at my husbands old job and his new job will not cover me so I had to take insurance at my work which is barely insurance at all, in my opinion.

  • We changed banks, which means I had to have all our electronic deposit and withdrawals changed last week. PAIN!! Thanks to Regions for adding a stupid fee to checking accounts causing us to leave their sorry banking service (can't you tell I wanted to leave them anyway)! Thank goodness for Awesome local banks!

  • I only have 5 more weeks of work before maternity leave, which is a HUGE stress reliever.

  • I finished taking my Praxis so I can student teach next year.

  • My cousin and one of my best friends had their babies in the last few weeks- totally making me ready for my sweet girl to arrive.

  • I'm in between feeling miserable and VERY miserable!

  • I'm having a massage, facial, manicure, and pedicure Friday (thanks to my husband)!

  • Ansley's room is ALMOST complete, we only lack maybe 1 or 2 things. I will have pictures Monday.

  • I have my family and friends baby shower this week and am SO excited.

  • FINALLY- Aiden is SO SO SO ready for his sister to arrive. He has occasionally broken down into fits because he wants her here!

So there you go thats my life lately!!

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Jessica said...

I'm a little upset with Regions because of that stupid fee too! I've contemplated changing banks but I'm not ready for the headache of changing electronic deposits/payments. I can't believe she will be here so seems just yesterday you announced it!