Friday, August 15, 2008

and the search continues

We had a very strange discovery this week- Aiden loves the sippy cup; Aiden hates juice! For a child that at 6 months old can eat more than mommy or daddy, not liking juice is very strange to me. I found this out simply by putting water in Aidens cup and watching him go to town drinking on it. Aiden has always liked water from my cup but most babies don't prefer water over juice- Thank goodness Aiden does (for now atleast)! This is the first time in 15 months Aiden has saved me money! :)

This week was my (Renee) birthday and Aiden gave me the best card any mother could ever ask for. I took pictures for everyone to see! Even though birthdays are always fun and the week should be enjoyable this week was a HORRIBLE week for the Cox family. We are still living with my parents (but very ready to have our own place and our little family back to it's normal routine). I mentioned we are going to build and yesterday was our scheduled day to have our house plans drawn up. At the beginning of the week all plans crumbled. The landowner we were buying land from decided not to sale. Makes it hard to build when we have no land and we know no one else in that area wanting to sale land, therefore we didn't get our home plans drawn. So here it is 2 weeks after our move and still no home, no decisions made, and still NO OPTIONS! Frustrated?? I would say so! Please keep our family in your prayers!

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