Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mom- Ma

Well Aiden has now spoke his first word......Mom Ma. My (Renee) mother and I were shopping this weekend and as I walked away from my mother and Aiden I heard this voice (very familiar) say Ma Ma Ma Ma. I ran back over to my mother because I was very shocked Aiden was saying a new syllable- M. Now when I leave a room, you immediatly hear MOM- MA! When he wakes in the morning he will lay in his bed and yell Mom Ma Mom Ma Mom Ma.
There is NOTHING in the entire world better than the first time your child says your name. I was very shocked considering most children's first words are dada. We are working VERY hard on Da Da and everytime he says MomMa Brandon is quick to respond to him with "DaDa".

I also got new camera this weekend and was so excited to post all my pics and instead of pushing the upload button on my computer I pressed format and there went all my pics. I will get more ASAP!

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