Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's Here

Finally my (Renee) favorite season is here....FOOTBALL SEASON! Strange as it is I'm the huge sports fanatic in our family, that's a big thanks to growing up in a house full of men that wait all year for football season also.

So this weekend I introduced Aiden to my favorite Saturday hobby from Sept.-Nov. Here is a little glimpse of Aiden enjoying watching my favorite teams Mississippi State and TN play! (I'm purposely not mentioning the outcome of both games- I forgot to mention I'm also a sore loser).

Ready for the game to begin or atleast I think I am! Look mommy I can crawl- well almostYAHHH the dawgs are winning- for just a little while atleast!
BOOO HOOO they lost- NO ACTUALLY mommy yelled and it made me upset! Sad the dawgs lost
Aunt Carolyn, Uncle B, and Ella came to watch the game with us!Ella is really excited about her 1st game too! Oh my goodness I can't watch this anymore- actually he just got tangled in the blanket, it was so funny! he finally found his way out of the blanket! Hey MOM!
BOOO HOOO the VOLS lost too or maybe I'm just really sleepy!

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