Monday, August 11, 2008

Sippy Cup Adventure

This weekend we tried taking on the sippy cup. It definitely did not work. Aiden was not the least bit interested in drinking juice. He would much rather have a bottle or water from a straw, but juice from a sippy cup..not happening right now! We took the stopper out of the cup and just let the juice drip into his mouth but he just did not like the apple juice. First time ever Aiden has rejected food or drink (besides rice). However I did find when I mixed rice (which he hates) with diluted juice he would destroy it in seconds. We had a great weekend but VERY busyfull of Birthday celebrations- Aunt Carolyns on the 10th, Cousin Baylee's on the 11th, and MOMMY'S on the 12th! Also you will notice the many different outfits in the pics- lately we have gone through 3-5 outfits a day!

He put his mouth on it and that was about it for the sippy cup and juice! He loves playing with mommy's phone so he got his own.
we can't wait until football seasonPlaying in his swing outsideOk mommy I'm ready to ride when are we going to the river! He loves this tube!Aiden and mommy getting ready for Baylee's birthday party!HANDSOME LITTLE MAN!

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Scott and Jenn said...

He is so cute! Don't they grow so fast! Trying out a sippy cup already! Amazing!