Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Crawling is on the way

Aiden has surpassed the scooting and has now gone to the "worm". He literally looks like he is doing the worm when he crawls. He just can't get the hang of putting his hands and knees on the ground at the same time. I have so many pictures and videos to put up but my internet access at home will not cooperate (I'm updating from work). As soon as we get it fixed I will have many pics to update.

We had a great weekend. Sunday we were able to go hear my brother, Jay, preach in Dyersburg. He preached on stewardship... too bad I don't have a cd of the sermon because it was great. It was a good reminder that sometimes we get caught up on wanting material things and forget it's not ours anyway. Repaying the one who gave us these things is only a small (tiny) thing we as Christians can do. It shouldn't be a project to give back to the Lord, it's an opportunity! I personally sometimes forget that.

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