Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mini Santa

Sunday already??? I can't believe how fast the weekend flew by and just 18 days til Christmas. YAH! we are so excited about little man's first Christmas. All the shopping is complete, presents are wrapped, Santa dropped off Aiden's toys early (Toys R Us big weekend sale) so we are ready for Christmas Eve.

This weekend was filled with FAMILY and boy do we love weekends like that. Good thing cause we will be with them for the next 3 weekends all weekend. Most people dread the whole family day or day with the in-laws. I may be speaking for Aiden and I but I'm pretty sure we all LOVE IT!! Friday night was spent in Dyersburg with my brothers family, the 3 boys and Aiden just play and play. Quinton on the other hand is different his defintion of playing is tackle or wrestling. Just wait soon Wyatt and Aiden will team up on him. :) Because daddy worked this weekend Aiden and I stayed with my parents Friday night and hung out with them Sat. morning.
Saturday was relaxing and a nice supper with Brandons parents and Deaton. Tonight was my sweet niece, Ally's Christmas program at church. Seeing 20+ kids doing a musical is ALWAYS a thrill and even to Aiden he sat soooo quietly during the entire thing until he was sung to sleep by a sweet song. Ally was so cute and always so funny to watch sing and dance. If she's not a cheerleader (which she will be), she will definitely be on some dance team. Aiden enjoys being with Deaton and Ally and copies anything they do. Wait not everything......he won't be a cheerleader or dancer.
Since our Christmas cards are out now I can post our little Santa:


Scott and Jenn said...

So adorable! And don't be too jealous of the snow. It is quite annoying having to get ready 30 min. early to shovel all the snow off the car!

Laura Jo said...

Love it! So cute!

Scott and Jenn said...

or when you have a little boy who is begging to go outside and the thermometer is registering 7 degrees! Try explaining that one to a persistent 9 month old.

E said...

Nee, I LOVE IT! Can't wait to see the card.