Thursday, December 11, 2008

Let's See Here......

He's into EVERYTHING!! Last night we tried out spaghetti o's- SUCCESS! He did great and loved it except that when there was no more he was not happy!
Now that Aiden can walk he is very fast to sneak behind you and open the only cabinet I don't have a latch for. Last week when I turned around he had the toaster dragging across the floor by the cord. So instead of letting him get in my cabinets I decided to let him play in his drawers (the small white containers hold bottles, baby food, and other papers which aren't his but nothing important). This morning he was throwing glass jars of baby food across the kitchen floor. I directed him to the bottom drawer and it took him exactly 1 minute to have this drawer cleaned out. I have to say though he is way smarter than I would have imagined for an 11 month old. After he cleaned it out he started putting it all back in! If you look at the other picture you can see where the can opener was laying and now he is putting it back!!

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Scott and Jenn said...

Ooooo! Could he come over and teach Wyatt how to clean up after himself?!