Tuesday, March 24, 2009

14 months

Today Aiden is 14 months old. Wow it is hard to believe how much he has grown. Thank you for those of you who are praying for him. He drank a glass of pedisure yesterday and other than a cup of yogurt and a few sips of milkshake thats all he has had since Fri. He hasn't eaten today at all but we are working on our second cup of pedisure. I am working from home today and Aiden's face does look a little better, his body not so much, and his mouth not at all. He sure is playing good all by himself while I try and work a little but he although he is sick it has not stopped him from begging to go outside. Which as long as he doesn't go around other kids he can so the past few days we have played outside A LOT. Last night we bathed him in aveeno bath oatmeal and lathered him with hydrocortisone, it really made his skin smooth and if it does itch (which he doesn't act like it does) then that will ease the pain. I have tried mylanta, benadryl, tylenol, motrin, canker sore medicine, orajel, and a few other things but nothing seems to ease the mouth pain. But I know how bad ONE ulcer hurts I can't imagine them covering my mouth.
Well outside of the illness Aiden is doing well as far as learning and growing. He weighs 24 lbs (before getting sick) and tall (I have no idea his length). He is good at going to the pantry and bringing me a snack when he's hungry and does the same with the fridge but of course he can't open it. He has added much more babbling to his vocab and knows his family and friends well. He is a natural with the phone and knows how to turn it on and say hey daddy and say bye then put it down. If you have a cell phone near him you might as well hide it or pass it on to him cause he will take it. He is so fun and loving.

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