Tuesday, March 31, 2009

bout time

I figured since I haven't updated in a week now I would take some time and let you know Aiden is over his illness...wellll.... he is over that illness. Again he has the normal yucky croop. He has been doing some funny things in his sleeping like he his having trouble breathing and trying to gasp for air, anyone familiar with anything like this in children? Aiden is still the funny clown he has been over the past year, entertaining us like always. I've learned any music Aiden will for sure bust out his dance moves. He loves singing songs especially ones with actions such as the wheels on the bus, if your happy and you know it, head shoulders knees and toes, and patty cake. Old McDonald is a fav of his but only the EIEI part, he never says the O! He is saying some stuff but just still more babbles than anything. He is working hard on learning all his aunts, uncles, cousins, great grandparents, and best friends we study them through pictures and he seems to be catching on. We work on animals and body parts but mainly people because to me thats the most important that he know. Aiden loves most all people but really really favors his sweet cousin Ally. He just crawls all over her and wants to be right on top of her when she is around. When we visit extended family that we don't see often I don't want Aiden to be reluctant to love on them and let them hold him. On another note he really does some things to really surprise me... yesterday he was playing in my parents "cup" drawer (a drawer full of plastic sippy cups for the kids to play with) and he was shocking me at how well he matched the tops with the cups they go with and actually putting them on the cups, shaking them like I do his diluted juice or choc milk, and acting like he was drinking. He still has NO interest in the TV but LOVES books and flipping the pages. We are having to do a lot more disciplining since he has started exploring climbing shelves, tables, chairs, and much more. He can throw a temper tantrum almost as well as his mommy except I don't bang my head on floors, walls, tables.... He is a handful but they hugs, kisses, funny dancing, singing along, learning, and loving far out weigh the tantrums.

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