Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow in Jackson

Last night/early morning Jackson Tn received something we have not seen ever (well that I can remember)....8-10 INCHES OF SNOW!!!
I was a little bummed it came on the Sunday that I have anticipated and prayed about for months.....The kickoff of the Year of Jubilee at West Jackson. We woke this Sunday morning to 8" of snow in our backyard and our driveway. We immediately bundled Aiden up and rushed outside. This is the first snow he isn't sick. He probably would have rather been sick than face planted in the snow which is where he spent most of the day. He did fall once and landed face first on the only part of our back porch without snow. The snow was up to Aiden's knees and he could definitely not walk in it. After Aiden's afternoon nap which is another funny story in itself we went to Gram's to play. Brandon pulled Aiden in our homemade sled/box, haha, which Aiden loved. We made a snow man and tried to enjoy the snow more before it melts. We were very bummed our 4 wheeler is still in Hornsby because that would have been tons of fun! But Aiden was actually happy to go inside for the first time ever, good thing we live in the south because he is not a fan of this snow! I took pics of just the snow so Nonna could see all the snow we got: Our chair in back yard
Flower Bed and Trees

Can't stand!!! Attempt to ride his 4 wheeler, it wouldn't go
After playing in the snow at our house, Aiden was playing inside. I noticed he got quite when I looked up there he was laying in his chair....

After nap we were back at it,
Riding in our homemade sled

Gram making our snowman

The finished product

He wanted to push it!

"That's it I've had enough I'm going in!"

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Laura Jo said...

Aiden falling asleep on his chair...precious!