Monday, March 23, 2009

we live sick!

Wow it has been awhile and during this time all we have done is fight sickness!! Aiden had another ear infection, I got bronchitis, and now.....Aiden woke up Sat ill and running a low fever. He would not eat all day Sat and was very clingy and fussy Sat night. Sunday morning he woke up with a fever and blisters all around his mouth. Of course he would not drink or eat, the only thing he ate all day Sun was a little sip of a milkshake. Yesterday around 5 we finally gave up and went to convenient care the doc came in and shined the light down this throat and mouth. MY HEART BROKE!! He had blisters all over his cheeks, roof of his mouth, tongue, and all in the back of his throat. He has a severe case of hand foot and mouth disease, which came from daycare! The blisters had spread all over his body (on his bottom and peepee) by the time we went to bed last night. This morning he drank a glass of milk and ate some yogurt, which is more than he has eaten in 3 days. He is highly contagious and can not go back to school for awhile. Please pray for little man!!! I will spare you and not show you the pics we took to show Nonna.

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Scott and Jenn said...

That's awful! Hope everyone feels better really soon!