Monday, August 15, 2011

Last week

Last week was a pretty exciting week. Aiden has been begging to go to the dentist. We got a new pediatric dentistry in our hometown and when Aiden saw all the animals on top of the building he just had to go even more. So I finally broke down and made him a dentist appt. Seriously if I could have gone here as a child I would have loved the dentist. Of course, Aiden LOVED it and did a great job being still and obeying the dentist and staff. Getting X-rays, he loved seeing pictures of his teeth.

Wearing his cool sunglasses while watching Cars on the TV in the ceiling.

Friday I turned the big 29. My husbands best friend got married Friday night so we didn't get to celebrate. Thursday night we enjoyed our favorite Sushi, Aiden actually ate sushi this time instead of rice or soup and he loves it.

My wonderful co workers who obviously know me well got me the goody basket below.

My boys got me a spa day with a facial, manicure, and pedicure (they already gave me a massage that I haven't cashed in yet). Brandon also got me the 2 charms below to go on my necklace (the diamond necklace is actually the first ever gift Brandon gave me when we started dating).

Saturday my family got together to celebrate mine and my sis in laws birthday. I got lots of other goodies and had a great time spending time with my family for my birthday. My mom made a delicious supper.

Finally please say a prayer for my sweet grandmother she is in the hospital and having a pace maker tomorrow. I just broke down crying last night because I'm so scared for her. After my mom she is the best woman I know, I hate to see her hurting and so weak.

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Mariellen said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I love the necklace!!