Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Quality Time

Lately B and I have been spending as much time with Aiden as possible. We both took off Friday and spent the day with him.

We went to the zoo Friday morning. Aiden wanted to see the elephants, sea lion show, and lions. We went straight to the elephants and sea lion show. He loved them both and of course I was too caught up on watching him that I didn't snap hardly any pictures. This year the zoo added another exhibit with a splash pad and Aiden was in heaven. I had to snap a few quick pictures. Oh fyi we don't just carry around swim trunks, someone gave us a warning to bring them.After the zoo we headed to the mall, my idea of course. But I promised Aiden we would do something a little fun at the mall and boy was he excited to do the Spider Jump.

After the mall we went to stay with my grandmother for the night and spend time with her before the family reunion on Sat. Aiden loves staying with her anytime possible so he talked all day about going to her house. When we got there she had her rollers in. She has worn these same rollers since I was a little girl and she put us all in them atleast once. So of course Aiden had to have his turn. :) Sat and Sun were just as much fun as Friday but of course no pictures. :)

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