Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You get the best of both worlds.....

What an exciting weekend! Despite sickness Aiden actually had a fun eventful weekend. We went to Hornsby for Callie's (Brandon's cousins little girl) 4th birthday...Hannah Montana style. Even though he was the baby at the party he was right in the middle of things and had a lot of fun. He got some smarties from the pinata and boy was he in love with those. Oh and in case you can't tell from the title I do know a little Hannah Montana lyrics myself.the birthday girl, Callie Brooke
Ally with all her candy
Hannah Montana Guitar Pinata- I tried to get a pic but they had it down before I could get the camera out

Aiden with Ally's glasses

If he has to be at a H.M. party atleast be somewhat cool.
Callie's cake

Sunday morning he had his first ever bubble bath which was actually an attempt to get his fever down but he hated the bubbles. I drained all the water in hopes of them going away and while they were moving down the drain Aiden decided they might not be so bad. I ran the water again and added bubbles and this time was MUCH better.

Finally Aiden wore his orange in support of Stellan today and he even made it on the Orange for Stellan page of MckMamma's website. He is clapping because he knows he is fixing to get yogurt.


Jessica said...

I saw Aiden on MckMama's blog! That is so sweet! I wanted to get a picture of Riley to send, but I didn't get around to it this morning. Hope y'all are feeling better!

E said...

I love my lil' Aiden man...he looks so cute in his yellow sunglasses!!