Monday, April 20, 2009


If you aren't already please pray for Stellan and the McKinney family tomorrow, when Stellan will face a procedure that will change his life and his mommy's life forever. I don't know this family personally but "Stellan" has become a normal dinner time talk at our home. The link to Stellans story is on the right hand side of the page beside this post.

On another note, this may surprise you but Aiden has been sick again...viral infection. The doc has decided to put him on Singular and FloNase along with daily Zyrtec in hopes of helping with his allergies. So far it hasn't seemed to help much but it's just a roller coaster, a few hours he feels great and a few hours later he wants to be held and fussy. We are doing everything we possibly can to help him but it just seems when we get him well, it's something else. However I did inform him we only have 4 weeks until we go to the beach and he seemed VERY excited!

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Jessica said...

Poor baby! He just can't stay well, can he? That fever is no fun! That's for sure. But the beach always makes me feel better, too! ;0)