Monday, April 6, 2009


I have quite a few new pics FINALLY! The ones of Will and Aiden are a couple of weeks old but hey atleast I'm posting them. Goodness Ash I can't believe how big Will has already gotten. The other pics are of Aiden's decision not to participate in the recession instead he is feeding his piggy bank. He has learned to put the coins in the top and open the front "door thingy" to get the coins back out. We also had a fun cookout with some great friends this weekend and Aiden was able to play with his friend Cade Coble, they had so much fun playing and got along great.
As far as everything else we are doing ok, Aiden is like always....SICK. He has a double ear infection but besides being a little fussy and not eating he has played and went on about his business just fine. He is on a VERY strong antibotic which is def doing a number on his belly and bottom. :) We were hoping to visit an allergy doctor or ENT about all this sickness but the doc won't give us a referral (she said 3 ear infections in 3 months isn't enough to be concerned....HUMMMMMM ok). Brandon and I are doing our best to stay positive and agree with Aiden's doc but it's really hard when my lil man is sick every other week and I can do NOTHING about it. We are hoping to be all well this weekend and go see family and friends for Easter. I hope it gets warm again so Aiden can have his first Easter egg hunt. New pictures will for sure be posted next week of Easter outfits (haha only me), playing, family, and friends.Will Zawacki Aiden and Will
His piggy bank Lauren and A.J. gave him
Look mom I can do it myself now Opening the front "door" to get the coins back out
Coloring with Cade Cobleeating cookiesWearing "Aunt" Beth's sunglasses


Mariellen Cherry Rigby :o) said...

POor little guy!! Has your doctor mentioned Tubes in his ears? Keep staying on your doctor girl!

Renee and Brandon said...

no thats what we were hoping for but she said he hasn't had enough ear infections to look into that. she said 1 a month is not enough he needs to be having 2 or 3 a month. WHATEVER! 1 a month is wayyyy too much for me.

Jessica said...

Poor thing! Is he able to get any sleep?