Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

my sweet family

The holiday Easter is done and gone but the true meaning remains forever. I hope everyone remembered the true meaning of what Easter is.... in Quintons words "Jesus is ALIVE".
We had a wonderful Easter with our families and by far ate wayyy too much. Aiden woke and enjoyed playing with beach toys the Easter bunny brought him. We began the day at West Jackson with a wonderful service and great singing. It's soo awesome to sing about Jesus being alive and living in my life. After church we went to Hornsby to eat with Brandons family and enjoy an Easter egg hunt with the kidos which Aiden really enjoyed. He was WAY more interested in opening every egg and eating the chocolate out of them. Yes you read that right my 15 month old likes chocolate...he takes after his mommy what can I say? I do not deprive him from the savory taste of chocolate. Ok back on track, after a great time with Brandons family we came back to Jackson for a dinner with my family. Aiden loved spending time with his cousins and Grams house was full of yelling, laughter, and of course tears from the kids playing too rough.
WARNING...the pictures may make your heart melt:

Easter outfit

Aiden playing with his beach toys

Princess Ella in her pretty purple dress

Aiden with his cousins, Deaton and Ally

Being silly

I know he is TOO precious

loving his cousins

hunting eggs with Brandon
Nonna was a big help with finding eggs, you know those big bright colored things are hard to find in the grass! :)

Ally found a real egg

run run run

look at all the eggs he and Ally got



Jessica said...

Thanks girl! TAG hates them too, & knows not to say anything either. I guess he has just gotten over the fact that he is going to wear them! haha I actually have one that he doesn't mind too much b/c it's M State! Aiden's Easter outfit was so cute too! I love it! Also, where did you find his shoes? I cannot find any white dress shoes for the life of me. All the saddle oxfords I find are too big.

Derek & Rachel said...

I like the Easter overalls!