Wednesday, April 8, 2009

hunt for a cure

"I may not feel good but I will participate!"
Many of you have asked about Aiden, THANK YOU SOO MUCH! Aiden is doing semi better (does that make sense). He has only had 5-6 nasty diapers today, which is not many compared to the 15-20 he has had the past couple of days. We have gone through 3 loads of laundry from pants and shirts Aiden has messed up the past couple of days. We are pretty sure he is having a reaction from the medicine he is on for his ear infections. The doctor gave Aiden something WAYYY to strong and we have now gotten a new prescription for good ol amoxicillon, which doesn't bother his stomach. However, I have decided not to give him any more meds until these tummy issues clear up. He has had NO interest in eating and last night when he wanted to non stop drink water I was sooo excited. Until he looked at me, let out a wimper, and BLLAAAAHHHH!! (sorry so graphic)! That was Aiden's 1st time to throw up and he got it ALL over mommy! :) I'm not real sure who was crying harder me or Aiden. Brandon was laughing so you can only imagine how much more angry that made me. Anyway.... Aiden slept well last night and was up at 6 this morning and as soon as he got down from the bed he ran to the fridge and wanted something to drink. I of course was a little fearful of what would happen if he drank too much so I gave him sprite and prayed he would keep it down. SUCCESS!!! I took him to school today for his easter egg hunt and he has done FANTASTIC. Of course he ate all his lunch, sleeping good, not fussy, and like I said before only a few messy diapers. The boy loves school! I did manage to make it to his egg hunt and capture a few pics. One thing that does concern me is the outfit he has on is 6-9 months, he's 15 MONTHS OLD!!! WHAT??? All his summer clothes are 18 months so let's pray for no more stomach problems, he CAN NOT lose anymore weight.

I forgot his new doggy Easter basket and he had to use this sack and orange bucket!

He might not eat food but he loves these plastic eggs! :)

His appearance has changed SO much lately!

6-12 month pants and they are falling off, haha, and too short!

Mommy and Aiden

Droopy Eyes

hunt over.... now going for a ride but he did not want to give up that egg!

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