Friday, April 24, 2009

walking tall...

15 months old today...WOW he is growing fast! Aiden went for his 15 month old checkup today and everything went well. The poor child is getting tall and skinny to go right along with his red headed curls, hopefully he won't get picked on to bad if he doesn't grow out if it (no offense). He weighed 23 lbs and 31 inches.
Aiden is learning a lot and surprising me and Brandon at how smart he is. Despite his lack of words he has his own way of informing us what he wants (mainly he just gets it himself). I have been working on him using more words but he would rather grunt (which drives me crazy). He will bring you a cup when he wants to drink or go to the fridge. Sometimes he will tell you "milk" or "cup". He understands outside, bath, eat, Gram's, Nonna's, school, and the dreaded one church. Wait that didn't sound good we do enjoy church but Aiden does not at all. He cried EVERY Sunday morning as soon as we walk through the doors (he knows from the people at the counter that its not a school day).
Speaking of school I've been told by Aiden's teachers at school he is one of the best in his class (I had my mom ask his teachers for the truthful answer because thats hard for me to believe and they agreed he is very good). At home Aiden is a regular tantrum thrower and at school, NEVER. At home he doesn't eat well, rarely naps, doesn't play well, and just wants to be held, at school he plays, eats, naps, and doesn't fuss or fight. All this said....Aiden loves school. Although school does cause a lot of his sickness I will have to say I'm very thankful it has gotten so easy for Aiden to go to school.
Aiden really is a good boy and loads of fun. The doctor asked me today if we have changed our minds and every plan on having other kids (she remembers I always said I wouldn't after what I went through at his birth) cause Aiden is so good, I took it as a compliment. Although we don't plan on more kids anytime soon I do hope when we do they are as good as him.

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Lyryn said...

This post made me smile because my son just turned 18 months and he sounds JUST like your son! We tried to teach him sign, but the only word he seems to know is "more" and "please." So he is always using them for everything and we have no idea what they heck he wants! And the whole eating thing! He it's wonderfully at the sitter, but when he's home with us... oh man! I just had to sit back and laugh, because being so new at this mothering thing, I felt like I was the only one! Good to know it's not just me! :)

Well, I just wanted to stop by and say awesome blog. You totally got me hooked! Thanks for the smile today! BTW - Love your son's name. Mine son's name is Jayden! Blessings!!