Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2 weeks post surgery

It has been 2 weeks since Ansley had her pacemaker surgery and she is doing good.   She has just started rolling over and putting weight on her stomach but she will not use her arms to lift or stretch, in order to crawl.  She has started eating a little better than she was.  She now eats baby food at all 3 meals and will eat about half a jar each feeding.  She is showing a little more interest in grabbing her puffs or yogurt melts and trying those.  My hope is in the next month she will slack off on so many bottles and start eating more foods.
 On Friday TEIS (Tenn Early intervention services) came to talk to us and get the paper work started in case Ansley does need early intervention.  Because she is special needs she definitely qualifies for TEIS but we are not sure if she will meet the requirements to get services. We are mainly concerned with her gross motor skills but they will come next week to evaluate her in occupational, physical, and speech therapy.
Most everyone reading this knows I had to back out of my job offer with a local school system to stay at home with Ansley. This decision surprisingly was VERY hard for me and very emotional.  I know without a doubt I'm needed most at home with her but staying at home long term is not something I want to do, especially with Aiden at home too.  We made the decision to keep Aiden at home too instead of paying for him to go to daycare when I have no income.  Our goal is to get these seizures under control and get them both back in day care so I can find a job and get started using my new degree that I just spent 2 years getting.  Having this job was one very huge weight off my back so now I've added that weight back on top of the other.
Speaking of getting Ansley seizure free...she hasn't had a seizure in 2 weeks and 3 days!! This is the longest she has ever gone without having a seizure since her diagnosis 3 months ago. We are hopeful and praying this change in med is the answer!  Since she hasn't seized we have not seen how the pacemaker will change her seizures, if it does change them. We are fine with not knowing and will be pleased if her heart never needs that help pacing!
Thank you for checking on us, asking about us, bringing us dinner, sitting with us, and most importantly praying for us!

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