Thursday, July 12, 2012

Play day

Today was another day of hanging out and not doing much but playing. We had some wonderful visitors today (1 is actually laying beside me now). Aiden and my mom came this morning. Our music minister from church came around lunch time. My sis in law came again this afternoon, so I have enjoyed the company. I'm not sure if I mentioned Brandon had to go home to work. I know he hated to leave but we do have to pay the bills some how and missing work won't accomplish that. Anyway when talking to Aiden yesterday I told him there is a neat playroom here and he has been dying to play in it so as soon as he arrived today he was ready to play. I let him play in Ansleys bed for awhile and then this afternoon we packed up Ansley's wires and boxes and headed to play. They both had a blast! Other than lots of playing the da has been rather uneventful. We still have no seizure activity, which really surprises me since she's not on her medicine. Dr F did ask me today how long I can stay because he really does not want to send her home without having one he can see. therefore 1 of 2 things must happen for us to go home- have a documented seizure that he can make a diagnosis from or her skin on her head not handle the electrodes anymore. He doesn't expect to last past Sunday before her skin gets irritated! I think if she makes it to Sunday seizure free then we have some serious evaluating to do considering we can't go seizure free that long on the meds at home. Thank you for the continued prayers!!

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Julie Talley said...

I will be praying for y'all.