Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nice day

No seizures to report today!! Ansley is wire free on her head!!! We are all so excited that she is free from those heavy cords. Everything the neurologist needed to see he was able to see over the last few days so it was no longer needed. We moved to the cardio floor after lunch and have settled in here. Dr. F came in early and talked to us. He just wanted to make sure we are prepared for tomorrow and getting a game plan for going forward whatever it may be. He did explain a little more what the cardiologist will be looking for tomorrow. The cardiologist will review the readings from the holter monitor (monitors the electrical activity of the heart) that she was wearing during the seizures. If during the seizure her hearts electrical system was affected we will most likely be looking at a pacemaker. However if the heart is having prolonged beats or skipping beats we might can treat other ways. I will update on Facebook or here tomorrow if I have time to let you know how exactly to pray for Ansley. On a positive note we did have lots of visitors today, which was great for Brandon and I. This morning we spent time with my mom and Aiden. I miss that wild boy so much and so does his sister!! At lunch, my moms cousin and his wife visited and brought us lunch, which was soo incredibly kind. Late afternoon and tonight we visited with my best friends and their hubbies. It was soo great to have fun laughing and hanging out. Most everyone knows my best friend Beth's sweet girl had 2 open heart surgeries at 6 months. She and her husband gave us some words of encouragement today so I'm so thankful they came to see us today. I also received word today that our wonderful pastor requested prayers for us from our church family. We feel them and appreciate all of them. Thank you.

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