Friday, July 13, 2012


Today has been more than I expected in so many ways. Because everything is still up in the air I'm just not going to go in to detail on what happened today. Ansley did have a seizure today and it was the same as always- she stiffens, stops breathing and turns blue. The doctor said she definitely has right temporal epilepsy and we will treat it. However the seizures are causing her heart to stop and could potentially be fatal. That being said we were QUICKLY referred to cardiology. Our room went from calm and wild in 30 minutes. On Monday we should know more on what's next but for now we have to stay put at LeBonheur. It's possible we are looking at surgery. We are very unsure and uneasy about the situation and could use your prayers for wisdom. Also I must add a HUGE thank you to my bro and sis in law for staying beside me, asking questions and being there for me today. I'm sooo thankful they decided to come see us today if not I would have been here alone during all this.


Tiffany said...

Continuing to pray for your sweet baby girl and your family. I hope y'all get answers soon!!

Terry Goen said...

Berk and I are praying for you all. Believing God for complete healing.

Sarah Scott said...

Keep the faith! God will give you the strength and courage to make it thru this. Ainsley is a special little girl. She continues to endure this with God's grace. You all have so many people who love y'all and are praying for her! God Bless!