Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We need a seizure!

You read that title correctly- we need Ansley to have a seizure!! Both of the doctors read Ansley's EEG from the night and like yesterday it was great. Her doctor (Dr F) stopped one of her medicines to see if that would cause one and so far she hasn't performed for us. We really just need her to have a small seizure or 2 for him to see. He said all he wants to do is stop them and in order to do that he needs to make sure we are treating them properly. Her heart is being monitored by a holter monitor just to rule out any heart issues, which Vanderbilt did as well. Tomorrow Aiden and my mom are coming to stay with us. I'm soo excited to see my baby boy and after talking to him today I can tell he is sooo excited too!! Please pray: Ansley has some small seizures that are recorded. Dr F can diagnose Ansley to stop these episodes. Her heart is healthy and no issues there as well.

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