Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rough days

We had a rough day yesterday. After my post Ansley just could not get comfortable she was very inconsolable. She would fall asleep for a minute and then scream out. Her heart rate was high and around 7 her fever spiked up. All I can think about is infection. They started her back on fluid IV last night and her heart rate came down and fever is 100 now. She is not quite as cranky today. They have stopped her fluids so she will want to eat more and rely on her formula more than the IV fluids. The doctor started another antibiotic just in case she does have an infection. Because she is showing on us signs of pain they are still giving her pain meds, just Tylenol with codeine.we appreciate the prayers and are praying for a good few days so we can go home and see our sweet boy that we miss so much.

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